It’s been almost 15 years since this was first purchased. There was no initial intention for this domain, other than to host a website and have an email address that wasn’t *gasp* a Hotmail address. I kept failing at finding a domain name that wasn’t already taken. Eventually I gave up on the search and started the shutdown process on my desktop computer.  It was at this moment, as orange letters popped up on my monitor, that I decided to give one last try at snagging my own domain name.

I searched for and it popped up as available! How fitting for an I.T. guy, eh?

I’ve hosted some photo albums and a few email addresses, but I was never quite sure what I should host here, till about 2 years ago when I started experimenting in democratic workplaces and bottom-up organizational structures. I knew this was a big task and it wasn’t until last week where I found a potential partner in all this. Our core values lined up!

Operating from the core means that all actions must be consistent with a core set of rules. There can be no exceptions. Exceptions only whittle away at the system, causing unnecessary complexity that does not allow for the transparency required to have true democracy. Plus, communicating ideas that include exceptions is never easy and often confusing.

That all being said.  Welcome to the first SYSTEMSHUTDOWN.COM blog!